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5 Tips for a High Converting Podcast Landing Page

5 Tips for a High Converting Podcast Landing Page

Whether you use the PodSpout landing page builder or are just curious about how it all works, learning how to set up the best landing page experience for your podcast visitors to land on when they click your link on social media, is a crucial step to growing your audience.

After all, your #podspout page is essentially a link-focused landing page with a simple builder (so you can create your custom page design in minutes) with turbocharged tracking and analytics on the other end.

Here are 5 of the major ones that can help you make the most of your podcast promotions. 🚀

Choose memorable, branded link names:

Nobody wants to remember a meaningless string of numbers and letters like /wtf1Sdi$. Heck, if you want that you just go use one of those other generic link shorteners.

You’re smarter — you know that branding is a huge part of getting your listeners to become full-on raving fans. And how can we expect our audience to become brand ambassadors for us if we don’t make it easy for them to share our content?

With our free and basic packages, you can always brand the back half of your links and podspout page URLs so your brand can be recognized everywhere you share. Here are just a few examples of how to use this feature:


Our upgraded advanced and premium packages even let you take this a step further and use your own domain, so you can completely customize your links from start to finish like big brands Nike, Harvard, and Virgin.


Decide on your main goals

All good outcomes come from clearly identified objectives. Decide what your goal is for your podspout page and create your design around your goal.

Do you want to get new listeners? Add your podcast with the integrated Spotify or Soundcloud players.

Get more sales? Include a sales video from your YouTube or Vimeo and link to your shopping cart or PayPal.

Grow your email list? Offer your visitors a freebie in exchange for signing up for your email list and integrate with our MailChimp email form.

Starting with the right objective is the difference between a promo that works and one that flops.

Don’t leave our any important bits

Remember, your #podspout page is a landing page, and it needs all the important parts to do its job. This means including:

1. A clear and catchy headline
2. A description of what you’re offering (listening, signing up, etc)
3. A clear on-brand profile image, background and/or video
4. A call to action to tell your visitors what you want them to do next
5. And the necessary button or buttons for them to accomplish this task

Remember, it’s our job to let our visitors know what we want them to do next — you know what they say happens when you assume, right?! 🤪

Minimize distractions – aka KISS

This isn’t your old MySpace page! Use a simple, clear design to help your visitors take action.

A busy background, too many choices and too much clutter tends to confuse, distract, and overwhelm people. And oddly enough, giving your visitors vertigo usually makes them hit the back button rather than moving ahead. 😵

Instead use a clean design and clear message to pull your visitors in instead of sending them running for the hills!

Encourage engagement and stay connected

Don’t forget to add your social media and contact buttons.

Having an easy way for your new and existing fans to stay connected to you and your social content is crucial to growing a following of engaged fans.

While you’re at it, connect your Facebook messenger and email so listeners can engage with you easily and on an even more personal level!

Setting up your MailChimp email form takes this to the next level and gives you an opportunity to grow an email list and even more of a community with your listeners. However you connect with your audience, if do so in a consistent and authentic way and you’re sure to grow a following.

Want to see some examples of great #podspout pages? Head on over to our Spoutlight page to see what some of our members have created for their podcasts.

Still not feeling up to creating your own? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your goals and create a page for yo

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