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5 Ways To Build A Community

The ultimate goal of any podcast is to get more listeners. But getting exposure to new listeners is getting harder and harder! We want to help. Here are 5 ways to build a community:

Inspire with your content

Alright, I know this is Podcasting 101. It still needs to be the top priority. Your content needs to resonate with your listeners so that they feel inspired to share with other people.

Engage your audience

Ask your audience what they want to hear. How Stuff Works uses listener mail to engage their community

Social Media

Create an exclusive Facebook group. Use a # for your users to start a dialogue. Do a shout-out for listeners. Here at PodSpout, we like to do a spotlight post for our new customers.


Giveaway a T-shirt or hat with your logo. Or team up with another podcast to do a giveaway. This gives both of you exposure to new listeners while also engaging your current ones.


Create a PodSpout page to make it easier for your listeners to find more content from you. Sign up for free!

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