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5 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast. Besides Getting Sponsorships


There is no feeling in life better than pursuing your passion. But those bills are starting to add up! So how do I make money besides trying to get sponsorship? Ads or sponsorship are the most popular way to monetize podcasts but not the only way. Here are five other options:

Create Paid Content

Offer exclusive content to paying members. You can do this through a private Facebook group, repurposed content ebooks, and podcast swag. You can link these to your PodSpout page. So your listeners see it when looking for more content.

Sell Premium Episodes.

Most podcasters use this for ad-free episodes but, you can still use this when you have no sponsors. Maybe you have a big guest coming on. You could charge for early access or a live streaming Q&A with the guest.

Host an Event/Webinar

This option might be one to hold off on until you have a loyal following to make sure you get enough people to show up. When you get there, though, selling tickets to a lecture, workshop, or class is also a fun way to engage with your audience.

Paywall Old Episodes

Keep your new episodes free but charge for older episodes. You can do this from your website and add the link to your PodSpout page.


Asking for donations may seem hard, but you don’t have to ask for a large amount of money. Keep it light. Ask them to buy you a cup of coffee. Make sure to link your PayPal to your PodSpout account.

At PodSpout, we know that your listeners are first. Which, is why we help you promote your podcast by organizing all of your recent episodes, social media handles, donation link, and blog posts in one shareable link. Don’t have an account? Sign up for free!

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