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How a Landing Page Can Help Grow Your Podcast

How a Landing Page Can Help Grow Your Podcast

Let’s face it — with so many large influencers and major distributors hopping on the podcast train, it can be hard for independent podcasters to compete.

Those types of podcasts have 100x the average budget and experience of the average independent podcaster, so the playground now certainly is in favor of the big boys.

And if all you do promote your podcast is sharing links here and there, chances are you’ll be lost in the crowd.

But does this mean that all hope is lost? Of course not 🙂

Instead of focusing all your energy on podcast production, podcasters need to be out building an authentic community and brand recognition.

What’s a PodSpout Page?

Simply put, a podspout page is a customizable, promotional link page designed to showcase your podcast and connect visitors to your important content.

In a matter of minutes, you can set up your content and links on your own, unique #podspout page in a way that showcases your brand.

Where else can you connect your audience with your featured content and have your visitors:

• Listen to your podcast (duh!) 🎧
• Sign up for an email newsletter 📬
• Follow you across other forms of social media ❤️️
• Pledge a donation to your Patreon 💰
• Shop your merchandise 🛒
• Visit your sponsors’ websites 🔗

PodSpout lets you do all this simply and quickly with embedded Spotify and SoundCloud players, YouTube and Vimeo videos, and Mailchimp email capture.

And with customizable buttons, text, and backgrounds, your page will serve as a launchpad to ANYTHING you could ever want to promote.

You’re even able to shorten links, which promotes sharing among your subscribers and accelerates your growth. All you need to do is press Create > Custom Link on your project page.

Data and Analytics for your Podcast Page

For the data-lovers, there’s an analytics dashboard and some advanced integrations with Facebook and Google so you can track your performance and retarget your audience.

Podcast apps like Apple Podcasts can be great for gaining traction and habitual listeners, but, at the end of the day, you’re stuck with somebody else’s platform. It doesn’t begin to compete with the control and sheer amount of options and customization you would have on your own PodSpout page.

Plus, you don’t have to share the stage with the other million + podcasts on Apple Podcasts when you own the show on your own podspout page!

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