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How to Add Email to Your PodSpout Page

How to Add Email to Your PodSpout Page

Whether you have 4352 unread emails or aim for inbox zero each day, there’s no question that email marketing is here to stay. And there’s a good reason – it works, plain and simple.

A weekly newsletter keeps your current audience engaged and consistently coming back. Special offers and valuable content helps increase sales conversions and Patreon sponsors for your podcast.

And, perhaps most importantly, an email list allows you to create a personal relationship with your audience and share valuable resources with them, off of social media.

In this post, I’ll show you 2 ways to get started growing an email list with your #podspout page.

OPTION #1 (1 minute): Deep Link Directly to Your Inbox (Only for Premium and Advanced Plans)

1. Open your podspout page editor

2. Go to Links > Create > Custom Link.

3. A prompt will come up asking for a Destination URL. Enter mailto: followed by your email address. It will look like this (obviously with a real email address)

4. Click “Add URL”, then adjust the button text to your liking.

Now when your visitor clicks the button, their browser will open their default email service and initiate an email addressed to you.

I really love this method because it can be so personal. Rather than sending a visitor directly to a signup form, using the mailto: prefix opens the door to a genuine conversation.

You can even get fancy with this method and use a free tool called the Mailto Encoder at

As you can see in the screenshot below, this tool allows you to type in prewritten content in your email sections. Then all you do is just copy the mailto: text from below and paste it into your link.

Pretty cool, huh?

The downside is that it can be time consuming to reply to each person individually, which is where the next option comes in.

OPTION #2 (5 minutes): Set up an Email Capture Form (Requires MailChimp Account)

1. Open your podspout page editor

2. Go to Links > Create > Mail Signup.

3. Fill out the prompted fields with your message, confirmation text, etc. You’ll also have to enter your MailChimp API Key and List ID.

4. Find and add your MailChimp API key

– Open your MailChimp account.
– Press your name in the top right-hand corner > Account.
– Go to Extras > API keys.
– Copy & paste the given API key

5. Find and add your MailChimp List ID

– Go to your MailChimp account.
– Click Audience > All Contacts.
– Select Settings > Audience Names and Default
– Copy & paste the given audience ID

6. Click Update to save changes and activate your form

And that’s it! You’re now able to start growing your email list, right from your own custom podspout page. 🥳️📬

Ready to set yours up now? Click here to login to your dashboard. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here (it’s free)

Oh, and one more thing…

I know for some of you non-techy folks, this can seem a little complex, so if you feel like having a pro set it up for you, click here to learn about our done-for-you services.

Extra Reading

Here are some extra resources from MailChimp if you’re interested in reading more about fun things like API and Audience IDs.

MailChimp: About API Keys

MailChimp: Find Your Audience ID

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