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What Are Some of Those Features?

What are some of those advanced features and how are they beneficial to my podcast?

That list of features on the pricing page could seem a little overwhelming. Some make sense like our customized features but some need more details. **These features are only on our Business and Agency plans**

Deep Link

This is for podcasts that have an app like Wondery or Luminary. While most of our links are direct to an HTTP or URL, deep linking will redirect your listeners to your app.

Sensitive Content Warning

This is for podcasts that have mature content. This feature is one that has to be activated so don’t worry if you don’t need it

Link Scheduling

This is exactly like it sounds. You can set up a time for your links to be posted to your PodSpout page. Who doesn’t love a little automation in their day to day activities 🙂

UTM Parameters

These help you to better understand how people get to your website. We could write a whole blog post on these. Which is what we have done! Learn more about this feature in our marketing for podcasters series.

Password Protected Links

Think of this one for your team rather than your listeners. You can password lock the links so that only a small circle of people can access them. Typically, this is used for having people look over a project before its posted.

I hope this article helps you to better understand your PodSpout account.

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